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A Peek into Airport Parking in Albufeira and Portugal

Featuring a wide variety of airport parking options The Portuguese city of Albufeira boasts a coastal location thatís naturally teeming with stunning beaches and panoramic views. Unsurprisingly, thousands of beach lovers from all over the world travel to Albufeira to experience the cityís unique wonders. The vast majority of tourists arrive to Albufeira from Faro Airport, which originally opened in 1966. Faro Airport can currently handle up to six million passengers a year, and has taken steps ... read more

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Living at the aiport - yes, it is possible

My flight didn't land in Faro, but I found a flight from Brussels to Malaga instead. And I had to spend the night there and...well, the night at the airport was full of surprises. It was about 1am when I was just looking for a nice seat to lay down for a bit when someone from the other side of the airport shouted and invited me there. There were three guys - one from England, one from Netherlands, one from Finland. They offered me free beer, free wine and some sandwiches as well. All the shops i... read more

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Albufeira and Hash...sorry, I meant sun glasses

If you've ever been to Morocco, you're probably used to all the street sales people. Well, I was. But I wasn't really expecting it from Albufeira. At least on the main strip and in the main square in old town there's a number of guys selling sunglasses. Well, the pitch often goes like that "do you want to buy sunglasses? No? What about some hash? No? Cocain? ". And the streets were crowded with them, kinda. But at least they were polite. Why doesn't the police do anything about? As much as I... read more

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How to get to Albufeira, what airlines fly there?

Firstly, there's no airport in Albufeira, so in order to get to Albufeira, you should get to Lisbon or Faro Airport and from there take a bus or train to Albufeira. Obviously, as Faro is 5x closer, then if possible, fly to Faro airport. I don't know about long haul flights, meaning from Australaisia or Americas, but within Europe the cheapest way to get there is using Ryanair. You could also try Easyjet (to Lisbon). I won't have to tell you about possible flight prices. If you've ever flown with... read more

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Nightlife in Albufeira

I'm not much of a club person myself. No, I think that was exaggeration now, the "much of a" should be removed from that sentence. But I do love beer and I do love bars and I do love the nightlife there. And considering there was enough nightlife in Albufeira during weekends during off season, you can expect the town to be full of parties and anything related during high season. The best club, in which even I've been to, once, getting bloody (but that's already another story), in Albufeira is... read more

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Free Albufeira Bus tours - just take the regular line

If you want to get to know Albufeira a little better, don't take some expensive tour bus or anything else. Just hop on any bus in Albufeira (there are red lines, green lines, blue lines, orange lines) and just sit in it, watch out the window, as long as you get back to the bus station. All the bus tickets there work for one hour and can be used on any line within that time. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver. I personally took couple of red line tours by I didn't know wh... read more

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Transportation between Albufeira and Faro airport

There's no airport in Albufeira, so the easiest way to get there is through Faro Airport. There are couple of different ways for transportation between Faro Airport and Albufeira. One of course is regular buses. The cost is something like eur 1.60 (I might be just a bit wrong) for a bus from Faro Airport to Faro and EUR 4.50 from Faro to Albufeira. You could take a train from Faro to Albufeira as well, that's EUR 2.50, but it doesn't make much sense as you'd still have to take a bus from Albufei... read more

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Albufeira and nearby destinations

Why did I decide to go to Albufeira? Well, I arrived in Faro where I had met an English guy 8 months before when I visited Faro. He asked if I had any plans, I said no. So he offered we could go to Albufeira for a week. The distance between Albufeira and Faro is about 50km and takes around an hour on the bus. Once I had been there for a week, I decided to stay 3 weeks more, didn't really feel like visiting the nearby locations myself. But they are worth checking out. Here are some places you cou... read more

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Wifi internet spots in Albufeira

When I went to Albufeira, all I had heard from locals and also foreigners in there, is that you can find free wireless in the Library (close by to Albufeira Shopping Center) and MacDonalds. Well, that might be true, but the free wireless situation is actually a lot better than that. Note though that often you'll need to ask for the wireless password from the bartender. This of course, includes buying a beer or two as well (if you're a pussy, go with a coffee instead). Usually it doesn't make... read more

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Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal - a place for tourists?

Welcome to On this site you will find mainly information about my personal experiences when living in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal for a month during off-season from February 23, 2011 to March 23, 2011. Because it was off-season, some things might be and definitely are different touring the high season. My personal reason for going to Albufeira was rather simple - I wanted warmer weather. And during my stay there the temperatures were usually anywhere between 15 and 20 C. No... read more

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