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Albufeira self catering hotels maid service - kinda weird

Okay, this post is more about rambling than about anything else. I just don't get it! All (well, most) the cheap self catering hotel rooms I lived in had a daily maid service. They cleaned the room, made your bed. Right. You would assume that in case of a room with a kitchen, the service would also include cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes, right? Or am I the only one who expects that? But for some reason, that's the only thing they don't do. I don't care about someone making my bed, I... read more

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More about accommodation in Albufeira - where did I stay?

I stayed in five different hotels. For a moment I thought I was in 6 different hotels,, I shouldn't drink that much. Well, anyhow. Hotel Jardim It's located in old town on top of a hill, about 15 minute walk from the beach. Most rooms have beach view. The buildings could use some repairs, but I guess for the money I paid there, it was good enough. Hotel includes a bar, the bartenders were great. Price was usually under EUR10/night. If you want a tv remote, pay EUR 1/night more. If ... read more

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Renting an apartment in Albufeira

Whenever you're going traveling for something like a month or more, it makes sense to search for an apartment instead of booking a room in a hotel. Yes, it does make sense. However, in Albufeira and during off-season I wouldn't be so sure about it. I've looked all over internet for apartments and the best price I could find was 200 euros a month and that was an offer without a picture. Other offers I have seen have been from EUR 300. And when I was walking around in Albufeira, the best prices I ... read more

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Hotels in Albufeira - prices and so much more

I love the Albufeira hotels mainly for one reason. While in very many other countries and even other towns and cities in Portugal, mostly what is being offered, are usual rooms or for lower prices, dorms. In Albufeira it seems to be an unwritten rule that most hotels offer self-catering rooms of which most also include a balcony. The thing I've been repeating over and over again in my previous posts and what I will be repeating again, I was there during low season or actually not even low se... read more

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