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More about accommodation in Albufeira - where did I stay?

I stayed in five different hotels. For a moment I thought I was in 6 different hotels,, I shouldn't drink that much. Well, anyhow.

Hotel Jardim
It's located in old town on top of a hill, about 15 minute walk from the beach. Most rooms have beach view. The buildings could use some repairs, but I guess for the money I paid there, it was good enough. Hotel includes a bar, the bartenders were great. Price was usually under EUR10/night. If you want a tv remote, pay EUR 1/night more. If you wanted to book a room in hotel, the price would have been EUR 23, and if you wanted to prolong your stay after booking via booking or travelrepublic, they are not willing to continue with the online price. So better make another reservation online.

Hotel Soldoiro
Located near the main strip in new town, about 2 minute walk to the beach. Room price during off season over internet was about 10-12 euros again AND when I wanted to prolong my stay there, they were ready to continue it with internet prices.

Hotel Ouratlanico
Located near main strip, kind of between hotel Soldoiro and Rockline (see my neat map). Paid 13 euros a night.

Hotel Praia Forte de Oura
In between the old and new town. Paid 10 euros a night. Nice place.

Hotel Monica Isabel
Now that's a bit different. It's located at the same place here Hoel Praia Forte de Oura was. I booked a sea view room for 17 euros a night. When went there, they said they are not offering a sea view room and if I wanted to, I could actually keep staying in my room in Hotel Praia Forte de Oura. By the end of the day, I managed to get the sea view, but I could have just stayed in Hotel Praia Forte de Oura for 10 euros instead. It was still in the same building complex.
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