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Bars in Albufeira

Albufeira is full of bars. Most of them promote them, to my surprise, not via their prices, but via football games they show. For some reason they think everyone are interested in football. Well, maybe they are, considering they are getting a lot of English visitors. And as we know, most English guys are fans. Then again, I managed to meet quite a few who didn't like the fact hat wherever they went, even if the TV was not on, it was turned on to some football game. Bash. Bah. Duh. Most bars ... read more

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Beer and beer prices in Albufeira

If you've ever been to Portugal, you know that the main local two beer brands in there are Sagres and Super Bock. You can find them in shops, in bars in everywhere in Portugal. In case of Albufeira they don't seem to be the post popular sold brands there. You can find a lot of places offering San Miguel from Spain or Magners for Holland. Plus other different types of foreign beers. The prices? Well, that's a good question. As you can find beer for pretty much any price you want. Often the sa... read more

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