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Bars in Albufeira

Albufeira is full of bars. Most of them promote them, to my surprise, not via their prices, but via football games they show. For some reason they think everyone are interested in football. Well, maybe they are, considering they are getting a lot of English visitors. And as we know, most English guys are fans. Then again, I managed to meet quite a few who didn't like the fact hat wherever they went, even if the TV was not on, it was turned on to some football game. Bash. Bah. Duh.

Most bars in Albufeira also have touts, bar promoters on the street. I just read in some forum a post by one moron who said that be aware - if a bar has tout, it should tell you enough about the bar already, they obviously suck. What this guy obviously didn't get, was that if all the bars around you have touters, then thy might get many of the clients you could have in your bar, to themselves. Because really, most bars in Albufeira have promoters.

Whether promoting your bar with touts and football times actually works, that's of course another topic already. Especially if everyone are doing so already anyhow. To me it doesn't sound like a good business plan. If I were to create a bar there, I would try to come up with something a bit different. Though, additionally, a promoter might be needed as well.

It wouldn't make sense to tell you about all the bar names and locations here. The town is full of pubs, bars and cafeterias. But you should know that on the main strip (where it is, you can ask from ANY local) there's a place called Matt's bar which is totally crowded during weekends and probably during high season, all the time. Girls dancing on the bar counter and all hell's gotten loose. If not anything else, it definitely makes sense to at least check it out.
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