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Albufeira and Hash...sorry, I meant sun glasses

If you've ever been to Morocco, you're probably used to all the street sales people. Well, I was. But I wasn't really expecting it from Albufeira. At least on the main strip and in the main square in old town there's a number of guys selling sunglasses. Well, the pitch often goes like that "do you want to buy sunglasses? No? What about some hash? No? Cocain? ". And the streets were crowded with them, kinda. But at least they were polite.

Why doesn't the police do anything about? As much as I heard, police knows about them and is keeping an eye on them. They are just concerned that if they get rid of these guys, maybe some new gang gets into play and he police doesn't have it under control anymore.

Hmm, and actually, I didn't care. At least I knew that should I want to buy some pot or hash, I know who to turn to. Some words of precaution though, I did hear that you shouldn't buy anything from the gypsies there, the hash they sell is crap.
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