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Free Albufeira Bus tours - just take the regular line

If you want to get to know Albufeira a little better, don't take some expensive tour bus or anything else. Just hop on any bus in Albufeira (there are red lines, green lines, blue lines, orange lines) and just sit in it, watch out the window, as long as you get back to the bus station. All the bus tickets there work for one hour and can be used on any line within that time. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver.

I personally took couple of red line tours by I didn't know when to go off. I didn't like it at the time, but then again, I did see a lot of the town. And I also realized that often a distance that the bus might drive for 3 minutes, on foot could take 5. It's because the bus never goes straight. Often it goes straight, then turns left just to get back to the main road again, then right just to get to the main road again and so on. So they kind of really are "learn to know Albufeira" buses. Take my word for it or try it yourself.
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