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Living at the aiport - yes, it is possible

My flight didn't land in Faro, but I found a flight from Brussels to Malaga instead. And I had to spend the night there and...well, the night at the airport was full of surprises. It was about 1am when I was just looking for a nice seat to lay down for a bit when someone from the other side of the airport shouted and invited me there. There were three guys - one from England, one from Netherlands, one from Finland. They offered me free beer, free wine and some sandwiches as well. All the shops in the airport were closed already, so I didn't have anything against it. Besides, even if the shops would have been open, the price for a pint would have been 5 euros there. So I was happy with the free beer.

We sat, we drank, we talked. And what I found out was kind of surprising. It turned out they were all living at the airport. Yeah, for a day or two I can understand. But these of them had been there for a month, the other guy for 2 months and the third guy for 10 months already. When we forget the fact that allegedly they were drunk every night and sometimes day, they weren't bums. They were really friendly peeps. The reasons they were there were different, at least they reason why they initially started living at the airport, but by the time I saw them, I guess they were starting to get lazy as well, in addition to everything else. They said that they find enough food from the airport cafeteria tables every day to feed 5 people for a week. They said give people free drinks during the night and tell them that they don't have to pay anything for it in the morning, bu if they want to, they are welcome to do so. If you don't have money, you don't have to pay. The point is that, like they said, if someone did pay, they paid 3 to 10 times more than they had themselves paid for the drinks at the shop. I drank 4 or 5 beers, some wine and decided to give them a package of cigarettes, 2 euros and two pairs of clean socks. The socks part - one guy decided to take his shoes off for a bit and...well, I felt he might need them.
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